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Superior Quality

At Affordable Worktops, we want to offer both quality and affordability. When it comes to purchases as important as a home, we don’t believe that our customers should ever have to compromise on quality.

Our cost efficient model allows us to reinvest any savings in continuously improving the quality of our products. We focus heavily on applying stringent quality control processes  from raw material to a finished worktop.

As a result, our Gemini Quartz has been professionally tested as a superior product to other leading quartz brands, including Silestone.

GEMINI QUARTZ® (Arctic Starburst) vs Silestone (Blanco Stellar)

Source: Independently verified by SGS testing services

Raw material quality standards

1. When materials  arrive at the  factory, each slab  is checked and  colour matched on  a sophisticated  stock system.

2. When the material is picked from stock, slabs are checked for damage and impurities before they enter production.

Fabrication Quality Control

1. When the slab has been cut, every piece is checked and all dimensions are measured against template  measurements.

2. When cut-outs are added, placement is checked against  template drawings and the quality of machining is  scrutinised.

3. Our highly skilled masons are individually responsible for each job and perform a pre Quality Control check at the finishing stage.

4. A final quality check is performed before the worktops are photographed and then loaded for dispatch.

5. A digital photography library is available for each order, including photographs of the completed installation at the customers’ property.